• 电影名称 V

  • ——Humankind's last stand.
  • 中文名称 老版V星入侵迷你剧
  •  类型  科幻
  •  国家  美国
  •  语言  英语
  •  时长  3 hr 17 min (197 min) / 3 hr 9 min (189 min) (DVD) (Finland)
  • 上映时间 30 July 1984 (UK)


Lynn Bernstein:[reading Abraham's farewell letter written before his capture by The Visitors]"My dear family: It's painful knowing that I'll not see your faces anymore. But I must take this stand for what I know is right. You may think that an old man wouldn't be afraid to die, but this old man is very frightened. I'm hoping that I'll find a little of your mother's dignity and strength. So far, I'm as frightened as a child who fears the dark. But we must fight the darkness that is threatening to engulf us. Each of us must be a ray of hope and do our part and join with the others till we've become a blinding light, triumphant over darkness. Until that task is accomplished, life will have no meaning. More than anything, you must remember which side you're on and fight for it. You mother and I will march beside you, holding hands again. We'll sing your song of victory. You'll feel us in your hearts. Our spirit..."

Stanley Bernstein:"Our spirits will be with you always. And our love." We have to help, or else we won't have learned a thing.

Eleanor Dupres:I know the Visitors aren't saints. But they're in power! They are power... You and I are in unique positions, don't you see that? Why not take advantage of...

Mike Donovan:Because I can't survive at the expense of other people, it's not right! You know, when I was a kid, there was a woman who taught me what was right and what was wrong... I wonder whatever became of her.

Harmony Moore:Don't let it spaz you. Let me help you.

Willie:Help, yes!

[pulling out the map]

Willie:Help to go

[pointing to a spot on the map]

Willie:to this place.

Harmony Moore:You don't know where to go?

Willie:I'm just.

Harmony Moore:You mean "lost."

Willie:[he gets it]Lost! Yes...


Willie:English not good to me...

Martin:The Leader wants them living. Some of them will be made into troops for battles with his enemy.

Mike Donovan:And the others?

Martin:In addition to the water... there is another basic shortage on our planet.

Mike Donovan:Food!

Ruby Engels:Don't worry Abraham. It's not like your family are scientists. You're not involved... And this will all blow over soon.

Abraham Bernstein:That is what I thought back in 1938.

Ruby Engels:Oh, but that was different.

Abraham Bernstein:[glances at his grandson wearing a Visitor Friends uniform]Is it?

[a group of children is defacing a Visitor propaganda poster with red spray paint]

Abraham Bernstein:No! If you're going to do it, do it right. I'll show you.

[he guides the hand of a child to spray a letter "V" over the poster]

Abraham Bernstein:You understand? For Victory! Go tell your friends!

Michael Donovan:You always said it couldn't happen here... Then one day we woke up and we were living in a Fascist state.

Mike Donovan:That damn dragon lady can bend people's minds around, what the hell does she need a blowtorch for!

Martin:Conversion is a very difficult and time consuming operation. When Diana simply needs some information, she'll do whatever's most effective and efficient... And she likes to do it.

[planting a bomb]

Bill Graham:Hurry up!

Caleb Taylor:Look, man, I ain't ever messed with stuff like this before and I'd just as soon not get my hands blowed off, okay?

Mike Donovan:How'd someone like that get to be your leader anyway?

Martin:Charisma. Circumstances, promises... Not enough of us spoke out to question him until it was too late. It happens on your planet, doesn't it?

[after Julie shoots at Diana's shuttle]

Diana:Another pass... I want to get that woman.

Barbara:Martin couldn't make it, so you'll have to wear my uniform.

Mike Donovan:Oh, lots of luck. I'll never be able to...

Barbara:It'll stretch enough to fit.

Mike Donovan:[Sees Barbara without her uniform]You sure don't look like an iguana.

Martin:You know Diana, rather than putting Mr. Donovan away, he might prove very useful to us as a convert.

Diana:My instincts tell me he'd be too difficult as a subject. That's why I decided not to bother. Take him to the final area.

Martin:I always thought you thrived on challenges...

Diana:I do, but I like better odds.

Martin:That's curious, I would've have thought you'd find the difficult game far more interesting. But anyway, you're probably right. I don't think even you with all your abilities could ever turn this head of his...

[Turns to walk out of the room]

Diana:Martin wait. Don't take him to the final area just yet... Perhaps I would enjoy the challenge of converting him.

Martin:Well, as you wish Diana.

Josh Brooks:What is it?

Mike Donovan:It's a key.

Josh Brooks:That's gonna get you into what?

Mike Donovan:The belly of the whale.

Mike Donovan:Martin. Say it man! You're scared.

Martin:It's very very dangerous for me here now.

Mike Donovan:[pointing to the wounded man]What does he look like? A sunday afternoon at Disneyland? I'm sure Barbara was scared and Tony too! Hell man! We're all scared! Every damn one of us! But we've all gotta help out in the best way we can. Now how about it man? Are you game?

[Abraham is hiding the Maxwell family in the pool house]

Stanley Bernstein:I really don't believe you brought them here.

Abraham Bernstein:They have nowhere to go. Their house is being watched now.

Stanley Bernstein:And so is ours! By Daniel! Tell them that we're sorry...

Abraham Bernstein:Stanley, you don't understand. They have to stay. They need a place to hide!

Stanley Bernstein:And why is that?

Abraham Bernstein:Because the father is a scientist.

Stanley Bernstein:And therefore suspect! And a fugitive, I take it, which would make them doubly dangerous.

Abraham Bernstein:They have to stay.

Stanley Bernstein:And I'm telling you to get them out, before I...

Abraham Bernstein:I won't.

Stanley Bernstein:Then I will!

Abraham Bernstein:[shouts]No, you won't! We had to put you in a suitcase. In a suitcase! You were eight months old. That's how we smuggled you out.

Stanley Bernstein:I know the story!

Abraham Bernstein:No, you don't! You don't. Your mother, auv shalom... your mother didn't have a heart attack in the boxcar. She made it with me, to the camp. I can still see her, standing naked in the freezing cold. Her beautiful black hair was gone. They'd shaved her head. I can still see her waving to me, as they marched her off with the others to the showers - the showers with no water. Perhaps, if somebody had given us a place to hide... don't you see, Stanley? They have to stay. Or else, we haven't learned a thing!

Diana:Yes, but you know how impatient our Leader can be.

Steven:Even with you?

[Big mistake, as Diana's acid glance informs him]

Steven:I just though that given the intimacy of your relationship...

Diana:[tight]Be very careful, Steven.

Steven:It just pains me to see you so upset.

Diana:He doesn't understand that my conversion process is still an experiment. It doesn't work the same on every subject.

Steven:Yes, but when it does work, the results are stunning. These scientists believe that there really is a conspiracym and that they are a part of it

Diana:And the evidence we planted reinforces their beliefs.

Steven:The conversion process is working. Scientists are be ostracized all over the world.

Diana:Yes, but then our beloved Leader says, "Why not just convert them all?" He doesn't understand that the human will is much, much tougher than we expected. To convert them all would take forever. Nevertheless, we will continue to refine the process.

Steven:I'm sure you will.

John:We have come in peace, to all mankind. Our planet is the 4th in distance from the star you call Sirius, some 8.7 light years from Earth. This is the first time we have left our system, and you the first intelligent life we've encountered. We're pleased to meet you.

John:The Secretary General referred to me as the "Supreme Commander", actually I'm just sort of an Admiral, responsible for this small fleet around your planet.

Dr. Ben Taylor:This *small* fleet? Yeah right...

John:We have come on behalf of our great Leader, him who governs our united planet with benevolence and wisdom. We have come because we need your help. Our planet is in serious environmental difficulty, far far worse than yours, it's reached the stage where we will be unable to survive without immediate assistance. There are certain chemicals and compounds which we must manufacture, which alone can save our struggling civilization. And you can help us manufacture these and in return, we will gladly share with you the fruits of our knowledge.

Kristine Walsh:Unbelievable...

Michael Donovan:Yeah...

John:Now that we have established contact, we will like to meet with individual governments to make requests for certain operating plants to be retooled for the manufacture of the compound which we need.

Eleanor Dupres:I hope they pick your plant!

John:And we'll reward your generosity as I have said by educating your industrial and scientific complex to the limits of our knowledge, helping to solve your environmental, agricultural and health dilemmas. Then we'll leave you as we came... In peace.

Denny:Talk about an offer we can't refuse, huh!

Juliet Parrish:I wonder what would happen if we did...

John:Now if our circumstances were reversed, and you had come to visit us, I know that I would feel a burning curiosity to see the inside your of spacecraft right away.

Robert Maxwell:An understatement!

John:With that in mind, I'd like to have the Secretary General and several of your journalists accompany us back aboard our Mother Ship, for the first of many opportunities to get to know us better.

Elias Taylor:You got any idea how much fresh food's going for these days? And beef? I make more money selling hamburgers than I did selling reefer.


Humankind's last stand.
They come in peace to enslave humankind.
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