• 电影名称 After Sundown

  • ——No One Is Safe
  • 中文名称 日落之后/After sundown
  •  类型  动作 / 恐怖
  •  国家  美国
  •  语言  英语
  •  时长  1 hr 30 min (90 min)
  • 上映时间 11 July 2006 (USA)


NOTE: The story is told in two parts that are interwoven throughout the 88 minute run. There are the incidents as they happened in 1883, and the story as it is taking place in 2006. For this synopsis, I have separated the two stories, presenting the 1883 segments first, followed by the 2006 story.

Rock Gulch, Texas 1883. Molly Porter, daughter of Elizabeth and ReverendJonathan Porter, married Thomas Jenkins. Jenkins was turned into a vampireduring a trip to Kansas City. He then turned Molly and their unborn child. Thechild was born with talons on its fingers. Immediately upon its birth, themidwife staked the newborn and then staked Molly. The townfolk ambushed andstaked Thomas Jenkins. All three bodies were then buried in the Rock GulchCemetery, Molly and the infant in one coffin, Thomas in another.

Rock Gulch, Texas 2006. The land over the old Rock Gulch cemetery is beingdeveloped into a housing project, As employees of the JS Schrepel Funeral Home,it's become the duty of Shannon [Susana Gibb] and her assistant Mikey [Reece Rios] to see that the century-oldbones from the cemetery are properly dug up, identified, and moved. It'salready dark and cold outside, and they're nearing the end of the digging whenthe workers unearth the body of a woman and an infant. The strange thing isthat both bodies have stakes through their hearts and neither body has sufferedany decomposition. Shannon decides to bodybag them and take them to the funeralhome where they can be properly prepared for reburial. As they are leaving thecemetery, Roberto [Jesse Cortez], one of the diggers, notices a silver cross sticking out ofthe ground. Recognizing its value, he covers it over with dirt and vamooseswith the others.Shannon calls Benjamin [Michael W Brown], her sharp-tongued and skinflint boss, to come downand see the bodies. It's getting on 7 PM, and Benjamin refuses to pay overtime,so they put the infant's body in the cooler. Benjamin pulls the stake from thewoman's chest, and they cover her body with a sheet and call it a night,planning to continue in the morning. Meanwhile, Roberto has returned to thecemetery and dug out the silver cross he found. As he holds it up to examine itin the moonlight, he is suddenly attacked by a vampire dressed like the OldWest, complete with cowboy hat.

Shannon heads to Billy Bob's Texas Bar where she is planning to meet herhusband for their anniversary celebration. When Tim calls and says that he'sgoing to be late, Shannon decides to spend the time reading the journal shefound tucked in the woman's coffin. It begins, "This journal belongs to MollyJenkins, wife of Thomas Jenkins, daughter of Reverend Jonathan Porter andElizabeth Porter." Meanwhile, back at the funeral home, Benjamin has closeddown the embalming rooms, turned off the corridor lights, and retired to hisoffice to do a little work. The janitor has arrived and begun the job ofcleaning the floors.Unbeknown to either of them, Molly Jenkins [Natali Jones] has awakened. Sensing that hercowboy husband is also awake and looking for her, she bites her wrist and feeds bloodinto the mouths of two other bodies lying on the slabs. One, a young man, shetells to prepare "the others" for the Master's arrival. She exchanges clotheswith the other one, a young woman. Rather than being turned into vampires,however, these two have become zombies, and they proceed to go forth andmultiply, starting with the janitor who then attacks Benjamin. Zombie count =4. Except that Thomas Jenkins [J Christopher] is heading for the funeral home where his wifeand child are waiting for him, and he's also creating zombies on the way. Nowthere's 10, now there's dozens, and they're beginning to swarm the town.

Still reading the journal and on her third wine spritzer, Shannon gets acall from Mikey. He has picked up his girlfriend Niki [Jamie Amaral] and realized that heforgot to pick up his paycheck. He requests Shannon's permission to go into heroffice and get it. Shannon isn't pleased but the chances are slim that Benjaminis still around to make a fuss over it, so Shannon says okay. Niki is uneasy inthe funeral home, so she waits in the reception room while Mikey fetches hischeck. While walking down the corridor, Mikey sees a disheveled woman. He callsto her, but she only growls and rushes at him. Molly is joined by Benjamin, nowa zombie. They chase Mikey, so he locks himself in a closet. Molly and Benjaminare joined by a half dozen more zombies, all groaning and pounding on thecloset door. There being no exit, Mikey calls Shannon and tries to tell herthat Benjamin is a zombie and to call the police, but Shannon can't hear himabove the bar music. Instead, she hangs up and heads for the funeral home.

Deputy Billy [Joey Galt] has his hands full answering the telephone. It seems everyonein town is calling to report rioting and people walking around like they'redrunk. Hearing no more pounding on the door, Mikey leaves the closet afterputting a stake through the brain of the janitor. Shannon arrives at thefuneral home, sees Benjamin, and begins to apologize for letting Mikey in afterhours. Suddenly, Niki leaps out of a corner, screaming. Benjamin turns, and itis obvious that he is not himself. Shannon and Niki run outside, but Shannongoes back for Mikey. As she walks down the corridor, Mikey suddenly runsthrough a door and yells at Shannon to get out of there. Shannon races backoutside. Mikey dodges scores of zombies and joins Niki and Shannon.

Now they have to get past the zombies outside. Fortunately, Deputy Billyand Sheriff Jimmy [Jake Billingsley] drive up, so they jump into the squad car. As they weavethrough the dozens of zombies outside the car, Shannon tells them Molly'sstory. She comes to the conclusion that the key is the baby and that they haveto retrieve it from the morgue cooler. Jimmy and Billy, armed with their guns,go for the baby while Shannon, Mikey, and Niki wait in the car, Mikey directingJimmy and Billy via walkie-talkie to the cooler. Meanwhile, Thomas has made itto the funeral home and found Molly. She is weak, so he feeds her on his blood.They then go looking for their baby.

Jimmy and Billy are successful at retrieving the baby, but they need toshoot their way out when they are attacked by zombies. Jimmy slips the babythrough the car window to Shannon and hold off the zombies with theirnever-ending bullets. Jimmy orders Shannon, Mikey, and Niki to get out of there,but Niki panics. She runs from the car and is comsumed by zombies. As Shannonand Mikey drive off, Thomas jumps on their hood. Mikey tries to shoot Thomas,but Shannon pins him against a tree when he falls off the hood. Jimmy stakesMolly, but a zombie bites Jimmy, so Billy has to shoot Jimmy. The rising sunfries Thomas along with Benjamin, who has somehow managed to sneak up behindMikey. Suddenly, Shannon's car explodes, destroying Thomas and Benjaminforever. As dawn comes to the town, all the zombies drop dead, much to DeputyBilly's happiness, as he finally ran out of bullets. [Original synopsis by bj_kuehl]
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