• 电影名称 The Bling Ring

  • ——Living the Dream, One Heist at a Time
  • 中文名称 珠光宝气
  •  类型  传记 / 犯罪 / 戏剧
  •  国家  美国 / 英国 / 法国 / 德国 / 日本
  •  语言  英语
  •  时长  1 hr 30 min (90 min)
  • 上映时间 12 June 2013 (France)


Quiet teenager Marc Hall (Israel Broussard) arrives as a new student at Indian Hills High School in Calabasas, California. He is befriended by the fame-obsessed Rebecca Ahn (Katie Chang). While at a party at Rebecca's house, the pair check unlocked vehicles on the street, taking valuables such as cash and credit cards.

When Marc mentions that one of his wealthy acquaintances is out of town, Rebecca suggests they go to his house that night and rob it. Marc is very uncomfortable trespassing, but Rebecca (who seems to have a slight sociopath personality) does not show any nervousness at all. Rebecca steals a handbag, mentioning that her idol, Lindsay Lohan, has the same one. She also takes an amount of cash, and the keys to a Porsche, which the pair use to flee the scene. With the cash, the two go on a shopping spree, affording themselves the luxury lifestyle they admired in magazines.

Another night later, Marc visits a nightclub with Rebecca and her friends Nicki (Emma Watson), her adopted sister Sam (Taissa Farmiga), and Chloe (Claire Julien), where they rub shoulders and mingle with celebrities such as Kirsten Dunst and Paris Hilton. While researching Hilton on the Internet, Marc and Rebecca realize that she will be out of town. Finding the key under the doormat, the pair goes through Hilton's belongings, taking some small items of jewelry. Rebecca then flaunts a stolen bracelet to Nicki, Sam, and Chloe at a party.

At Nicki's request, Rebecca and Marc take her, Sam and Chloe back to Hilton's house. The group marvels at the excess of Hilton's lifestyle, and steals shoes, bags, dresses, cash, and jewelry. Marc and Rebecca return to rob Hilton's house on a third occasion. The pair also decides to rob the home of Audrina Patridge, once again using the Internet to determine when she will not be home. The entire group uses the same method to burgle the home of Megan Fox, with Nicki's younger sister Emily (Georgia Rock) squeezing through a pet door to gain access to the home.

The group enters the home of Orlando Bloom and his girlfriend, Miranda Kerr. The girls proceed to steal her usual items, while Marc finds a case filled with seven of Bloom's Rolex watches along with a roll of cash. Chloe then helps Marc sell the watches to her boyfriend, Ricky. Marc (revealed to be a closeted homosexual) keeps a pair of women's high-heeled shoes and clothes to wear for himself around his house. Another night or two later, the group returns once again to Hilton's house, with Sam's boyfriend Rob, who also steals from the home.

A news report releases captured CCTV footage from the robbery at Audrina Patridges home. This concerns Marc, but Rebecca is undeterred and her recklessness and egomania only grows. Rebecca next instigates a burglary at the home of Rachel Bilson. Word spreads amongst the group's social circles, and the girls proudly boast of their accomplishments at parties, also posting photographs of the stolen items on social media sites. The group ultimately robs the home of Lohan, Rebecca's celebrity idol. Shortly after, Rebecca moves to Las Vegas with her father due to troubles at home, leaving some of her stolen items with Marc, who inadvertently helps Rebecca transfer stolen items across state lines.

News reports of the Hollywood Hills burglaries intensify, with the media labelling the group "The Bling Ring". CCTV from several robberies in addition to the evidence on social media allows authorities to identify the group. The police arrest Marc, Nicki, Chloe, Rebecca, Rob, and Ricky, however Sam is not identified in the footage and avoids arrest. Marc cooperates with the police, informing them on the details of the burglaries, much to the chagrin of Rebecca, who has been identified as the ringleader. A Vanity Fair journalist interviews Marc, who is remorseful, and Nicki, who vehemently suggests the others were at fault, and that she was simply involved with the wrong people. Rebecca, being the sociopath, shows no remorse for her actions and, like the others, tries to pass the blame for all of this on Marc and others of her group. The group is ultimately prosecuted, receiving varying amounts of jail time and being ordered to collectively pay millions of dollars in restitution for the stolen items.

The group serves its jail time, and Marc and Rebecca each go into seclusion from the press... never speaking to each other again. The film then cuts to a few months later where Nicki is on a talk show talking about her time in jail. She reveals that her cell was next to Lohan's. After digressing, she turns to the audience (and the viewers) as she finds a way to enhance her newfound notoriety, telling them to visit her now-popular website detailing her life after The Bling Ring.


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written by director independent film
title spoken by character  
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