• 电影名称 Lost Boys: The Tribe

  • ——Never grow old. Never die. Never know fear again.
  • 中文名称 捉鬼小精灵2
  •  类型  喜剧 / 恐怖 / 惊悚
  •  国家  美国 / 加拿大
  •  语言  英语
  •  时长  1 hr 32 min (92 min) / 1 hr 34 min (94 min) (uncut)
  • 上映时间 29 July 2008 (USA)


Chris Emerson (Tad Hilgenbrink) and his sister Nicole (Autumn Reeser), children of Michael Emerson (from the first The Lost Boys movie) have moved to the surfside town of Luna Bay, California following the death of their parents. They rent a house from their Aunt Jillian (Gabrielle Rose), and Chris sets out to find a job as a surfboard shaper. The only surfboard shaper in town is Edgar Frog (Corey Feldman), so Chris leaves his name and address on Edgar's screen door. Later, as he's watching the sun set over the ocean, he is approached by Shane Powers (Angus Sutherland), who Chris recognizes as "the greatest surfer in the world," but who just up and disappeared. Shane invites Chris to a surfer party. At first, Chris doesn't want to go, but Nicole talks him into it. Neither Chris nor Nicole know that Shane is a vampire.

At the party, while Chris is in the shower with Lisa Thompson (Moneca Delain), Nicole links up with Shane. Shane tricks her into drinking some of his blood from his hipflask and then takes her for a motorcycle ride. By the time they get back, Chris is hopping mad, punches Shane in the mouth, and tells him to stay away from his sister. On the way home, as Chris reads the riot act to Nicole, she suddenly starts feeling sick. He helps her into the house, telling her that she's probably just drunk. Nicole grabs him by the throat, hoists him up into the air, and says, "I'm not drunk." Suddenly, she is hit on the back of the head, drops Chris, and falls to the floor. Edgar Frog introduces himself as "surfboard shaper and vampire hunter." Chris takes a swing at Edgar, and when Edgar tells him that his sister is one of the undead, Chris kicks him out of the house.

Just after kicking out Edgar, Chris hears a knock on the door. Thinking Edgar has returned, Chris opens the door angrily and sees Lisa standing there. She takes off her clothes and asks him to invite her in so that they can finish what they started in the shower. Once inside, she jumps all over him, so much that he fights her off, causing her to accidentally become impaled on a rack of antlers hanging on the wall. When her body suddenly turns to stone and explodes into pieces, Chris can see that she definitely was not human, so the next morning he pays Edgar a visit. Edgar explains that Nicole is still just a "half vampire" and won't gain full status until she makes her first kill. After downing a glass of "Frog juice" (garlic, holy water, and a raw egg), Edgar also tells Chris that the only way to save Nicole's mortal soul is by killing the head vampire before Nicole gets a chance to feed.

That evening, Nicole wakes up hungry, but not for food. She phones Evan (Greyston Holt), a guy she met on her first day in Luna Bay, and invites him over. When he arrives, she immediately takes off her blouse and begins to loosen his clothes. Just as she's about to bite into his neck, Chris comes home and puts a stop to it. He kicks Evan out, but Evan gets attacked by vampires anyway while on his way home. Edgar and Chris decide that the best chance they have of destroying Shane is by finding the vampires' nest. In order to do that, Chris offers to become one of them so that he can be taken into the nest; he also promises to betray them to Edgar in the end.

Meanwhile, Nicole has awakened and been summoned by Shane to meet him at the nest. Chris reports Nicole as a missing person, but Sheriff McGraw (Daryl Shuttleworth) doesn't seem concerned and shows him the large number of missing person reports, one of which includes Evan, hanging on the wall. When Chris exits the sheriff's station, he is met by vampire Jon (Kyle Cassie), who offers to take him to Nicole at their nest. Nicole has chosen to be with Shane, who explains to Chris that becoming a vampire means that you will never grow old, never die, and never know fear again. Later, when the Tribe storms the Sheriff's station and leads the cops on a wild goose chase, Chris joins in with them, but when they return to their nest, they refuse to allow Chris to enter.

The following night, Chris joins the Tribe, who are entertaining some girls around a campfire. Along the way, Shane passes around his hipflask, and Chris takes a long drink from it, starting himself on the way to turning into a vampire. Shane and Nicole decide to leave the party, but Chris is ordered to stay behind. Suddenly, the remaining vampires leap on the girls and begin drinking their blood. Chris pretends to go after one of the girls, but he actually tells her to run. Unfortunately, the vampires see what he's doing and start beating up Chris. Chris stakes Jon with a tree branch, but Erik (Merwin Mondesir) and Kyle (Shaun Sipos) move in for the kill. Suddenly Edgar arrives armed with wooden stakes, and Eric and Kyle run off.

Chris and Edgar set out to rescue Nicole and kill Shane. While Chris drives to the nest, Edgar introduces him to his vampire hunting arsenal -- wooden stakes, metal stakes, resin stakes (light and easy to handle), an air-propelled rocket grenade launcher for holy water balloons, and a garlic bola. While Chris and Edgar search the subterranean bowels of the nest, first impaling Erik with a boring drill and then blasting off Kyle's head with the holy water balloon launcher, Nicole is being led by Shane to a coffin where a victim is being held for her first kill. Shane opens the coffin, and Nicole sees Evan lying there. She tells Shane that she can't do it.

Chris makes it to the vampires' great room where he is joined by Shane. Chris leaps at Shane, and the two of them have at each other. Nicole walks in and tells Shane not to hurt her brother. When Shane doesn't stop, Nicole runs a stake through his chest. Shane tries to pull Nicole onto stake with him, but Chris decapitates Shane first. As Shane's body bursts into flames, Edgar arrives. "Build a man a fire and he's warm for the day," Edgar says, "but start a fire in a man and he's warm for the rest of his life." He then tells the Emersons that they'll be getting a bill for his services. Edgar and Evan leave together. Chris and Nicole, now cured of their vampirism, go home where they are confronted by their Aunt Jillian who accuses them of using drugs.

In a final scene after the credits start to roll, Edgar meets up with Sam Emerson (Corey Haim), who is now a vampire. Sam says that he's come for Edgar, and Edgar says that he won't show him any mercy. The two then charge each other, and the credits resume. [written by BJ Kuehl]


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